It’s (Almost) All Over For Another Year

Except for a few more trimmings we’re pretty well done putting the garden to bed. I still have a lot of watering to do to help the new cedars survive the winter.  I’m told to water right up to hard freeze. Also, I’m leaving the kale. It gets better tasting with the frost. What an awesome plant. It just keeps producing and producing. And it’s highly nutritious so it’s a win, win.

I still have to purchase some black mulch to put around the Japanese Maple etc. Oh and I have to bring in the tropical tree we’ve had outside all summer. Fig tree, I think it’s called. It can take light freeze but not hard freeze. So, almost finished but not quite.

We’ve bought and carved the pumpkin and it’s sitting outside waiting for Halloween. We don’t get many kids but we’re always ready for them.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!!!!!!!!!

It’s turkey time. Got the bird. Got the trimmings. Just making dessert now. My favourite time of year.

Fantastic Weather

For the last couple of weeks the weather has been just wonderful. It’s like Mother Nature decided to save the best for when I could truly enjoy it. I was in the garden taking pictures of the lovely autumn colors. Here are some of them.IMG_4434 IMG_4437 IMG_4438 IMG_4439 IMG_4440 IMG_4442 IMG_4443 IMG_4444 IMG_4446 IMG_4447 IMG_4448 IMG_4449 IMG_4451 IMG_4452 IMG_4457

Fall is Here

We’ve had the strangest year – a record cold and long winter, a wet spring, a rather cool summer and now it looks like fall has started early. Let’s hope for a long and wonderful fall before old man winter settles in.

I’ve had a good crop of veggies this year. I had planted and sown everything before my accident. I don’t think I’ll plant snow peas anymore. They’re great and we so enjoy them but when the season is over, it’s over and I can’t freeze snow peas.

Roma beans are wonderful and very hard to find in supermarkets. I planted 2 rows this year. I’ll plant 3 rows next year. They freeze so well. I had a lot of beets and made pickled beets from the root and froze the leaves. Swiss chard did very well as did the kale and I’ve preserved a lot. My freezer is packed with vegetables. I had a good crop of basil and made several jars of pesto. I also canned other things such as peach chutney, chili, peaches,

I look around the garden in mid September and I see where I’m sadly lacking in the interim summer/ fall interest. The trees that are slowly changing colour, tiger-eye sumac looks lovely. Oh, let’s not forget the staghorn sumac which is in the process of turning crimson red. We’re not there yet. The trees have not changed colour yet and neither has the burning bush or the sumac. So, it’s the interim between summer and autumn that is a problem right now. That’s where the cosmos would have held up the garden if only Charlie had watered more than just three times the whole summer. Oh well, 12 weeks a slave. He did take good care of my every need during that time.

Next year.

I'm Walking Again!

I guess it’s time to stop complaining and whining. It will be a while before I can do what I did before but not too long. At least I’m back sleeping in my own bed beside my husband. I can get up and down the stairs pretty well. My body needs to be strong again.

Charlie did a great job keeping the garden cut and trimmed – everything but watered. He hates watering and it’s not my favourite thing either but I do it anyway. Some plants did well – others not so much. Now that I’m better, I’ll take that job over and hope no serious damage occurred. I’d do it today but he has an appointment with an ophthalmologist and I’ll have to drive him home. I’m sick of doctors but they are needed, aren’t they?

The trees seem to be turning early this year. I saw the first red maple leaf mid July. Two weeks early. I usually don’t see the first turning till the end of July. Oh well, autumn will come when it comes.

This weekend I’ll be in the garden pruning and watering. Back to normal. I’ll take some pictures and post them.

The House and How It Looked 40 Years Ago

These are the earliest pictures I have of my house which was once a lodge. It is a happy house. No bad ghosts here.

House 1 House2 House3 House4

Winning the Battle and the War

I think I’m getting better. This morning I even walked without the crutch. It’s not great because the leg with the cast is higher than the normal leg but once the boot comes off I’ll be back to normal again.

I’ve been doing the exercises diligently daily. I think they did the trick. Also, am still taking it easy but doing more things. I’m now cooking and helping with the cleaning. I think Charlie kind of misses me being helpless. I think he liked taking care of me. In 1 1/2 weeks I will see my surgeon again and I’m pretty sure the boot will come off and I will be able to wear normal shoes. Then watch out world. I’m coming for you.

The Long Battle Back

After 10 weeks in a wheelchair I was given permission to put weight on that leg again – with crutches of course. And so starts the excruciating battle to return my body to pre-accident. Ten weeks of muscles not being used is a long time. It’s amazing how quickly they deteriorate. So little by little I work on putting one foot in front of the other.

In the hospital I saw my x-rays. Steel plates, screws and all. My ankle looked like a hardware store. Well, at least I’m not still lying in a heap down the hill with vultures circling above.

I’ve always been an active person, I don’t like sitting around doing nothing. Especially now with the house and garden and so much to do all the time. I hadn’t noticed how much I really did until it all stopped.  I just felt helpless,vulnerable and frustrated.

I had lots of visitors from neighbours. Some brought entire meals. Well, that was sweet but my husband took charge right away. He was a wonderful nurse. He kept the house and garden in good repair. His attempt at cooking was appreciated. Mostly his help with bathing me was the most difficult for him. Funny how friends we did not know five years ago visited, phoned and emailed yet the one person I thought would care, doesn’t. It hurt a lot but I’ve been hurt before and I’ll get over this too.

Well, time to get up and do my assigned exercises. They are very painful to do but they have to be done to make progress. My next appointment is in 4 weeks and my goal is to walk without the walking cast or crutches. Hope I make it.

How I Miss Being In My Garden

So here it is, one month from day of accident. Physically, I seem to be healing but emotionally it has been difficult. I hate feeling vulnerable and helpless.  So, here is my cast. It is a walking cast but I am not allowed to put any weight on it for another month. cast That’s Charlie lining up the ramp so he can get me in my wheelchair down so I can at least roll up and down the sidewalk to look at my gardens. ramp And here are some pictures of my gardens how they looked yesterday. IMG_4880 IMG_4879 IMG_4875 IMG_4874 IMG_4873 IMG_4872

Life With a Broken Ankle

About 3 weeks ago  – say around 5:00AM I was in the garden planting my second row of peas and doing a general walk-around to see how my flowers and shrubs were doing. This has been a morning ritual these last five years. I was just putting my tools away when I slipped on a slope covered with dewy grass, my leg twisted while coming down. I let out a scream, rolled over on the grass. I immediately knew I had broken my ankle. I writhed in pain for some minutes until it finally clicked to scream for Charlie who was dead asleep upstairs.

After screaming a couple of times and calling his name, he woke. It was good to see him coming around the corner – he was such a welcome sight. His first reaction was to cut two splints. In retrospect, that was really funny. How was he going to get me out of there? I said to call 911 but he kept insisting he’s taking me. It took several screams to get him to react. Five minutes later, the paramedics came around the corner and wheeled me out of there into the ambulance.

Long story short, I had surgery on my ankle, pins and all. I had broken it in three places, torn the ligament. Oh joy. So here I am feeling sorry for myself, wheeling around in a wheelchair. Charlie bathes me and cooks all the meals. He is so attentive. I don’t know what I would do without him. He orders in sometimes. We had the best Chinese food last night. Friends come to visit sometimes but they all have their own lives. I watch endless hours of TV. Thank goodness I am still able to work. That’s because all I need is my computer and my phone. It’s a lifesaver as I would go loonie without something to do.

So bear with me. I should be back in my garden before the summer is over. Maybe August?