Spring is Here

Oh there is still snow on the ground in places. Patchy snow. But I’m noticing life peaking through the earth. The tulips and crocuses are just now breaking through the soil as too are sedum. In fact wherever you look you see life stirring. Finally. It seems this has been the winter of winters – long and so very cold and snowy. But we in Southern Ontario shouldn’t complain. The Maritimes had it 100 times worse.

The snowbirds are back. That’s always a sure sign. You’d be surprised how many of our neighbours disappear for a 3 month stretch every winter. Maybe I’ll do that one day as well if I can ever tear myself away from my house. I like winter. I like the coziness of a fireplace and winter food like thick soups, stews and casseroles. What’s not to like? Oh well, I’ll take a day at a time and see where life leads me.

For now, hurray for Spring. Mud, dirt and all, we welcome you.

The Way I Feel Today

screw it

Big Melt Indeed - Not This Week

So, I’m dreaming about the big melt which will come – eventually. Meanwhile, the polar vortex came back, it left for a day or two and came back. So, no big melt this week.
I figured out what I need for the front yard – an Amur Maple. It seems to fill all my wants in a small tree – flowers in Spring, nice leaves to shade the porch in summer, bright red fall colour.

Getting Ready for the Big Melt

Today I ventured out to have a look at what’s what. Since the temperature is currently above freezing, there is some melting going on. The sidewalks had been cleared and so I could walk on them but where there has been melting, there are ice patches. This afternoon the temperature will be dropping and we’re heading for a cold spell again.

I tried walking on the snow covered lawn so I could inspect some of the shrubs that are reaching above the snow and, in the process, sunk knee-deep in said snow. Clearly, we are not meant to walk on it yet. I guess in a couple of weeks the temperature should warm up enough for us to have a real melt.

From now until all the snow is gone  and the frost comes out of the ground, it will be ugly.  The change from winter to spring is never pretty. We should be grateful, however. I have just finished watching part two of the Dust Bowl of the 30′s in and around Boise City Oklahoma. Ten years of drought and dust storms during the Great Depression. How the people suffered, I can only imagine. What a wonder more didn’t die. So, I’d better stop my bitching about melting snow and ice and such.

OK, I’m done.

Warmer Weather On The Horizon

It looks like in the short term at least, warmer weather is coming. It will still be around freezing but not the bone-chilling kind. In fact, next weekend they’re calling for rain. So that means, slush, muck and guck. It’s always this way when seasons change, especially from Winter to Spring. The frost comes out of the ground, the lawn is all bumpy. You don’t want to walk on it, that’s for sure.

Hey, I’ll take it.

So out of pure nostalgia, here are some shots to remind us of the crazy winter of 2013-2014.IMG_4335 IMG_4336 IMG_4337 IMG_4338 IMG_4339 IMG_4341

Wiarton Willie Sees His Shadow

No big surprise here – six more weeks of winter. I’m told we’re in for another storm by Wednesday. Oh joy.  There’s talk of closing roads if there is much more snow. There just isn’t anywhere to put it all. The snowbanks are getting so tall and wide, it creates a safety hazard as you can’t see oncoming traffic as you’re pulling out of your driveway. As long as I can keep my hairdresser appointment tomorrow, I guess I’ll be grateful. For the rest, we’ll just have to ride it out.

And for those of you who always wanted to know the origin of Groundhog Day and why it’s always February 2 – well you’ll have to Google it but the short version is this;  the day marks the exact midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. As such, it is a milepost of heady psychological import for the winter weary on their arduous journey from winter to spring.

It is so very difficult to take snow pictures. White on white. Well, here are a couple.IMG_4331_MG_4858 _MG_4862

Another Day, Another Snow Storm

I won’t soon forget the winter of 2013-2014. Nobody talks about global warming when the weather is like this. In fact, I’m sick of hearing about that fabled global warming. It doesn’t exist. Period.

All you folks living in the Caribbean must all be gloating right about now. Seems all of North America is in a deep freeze. Well, I just have to keep remembering the water shortages and power outages that were so comon place when I lived there.

So we know there is no perfect place on this planet. Perhaps one day we’ll find a perfect place in another galaxy. I wish to be around in one form or another when that occurs. But I digress.

The other day I had tea with one of my new best friends who lives on a 150 acre property. Her house is fabulous – a restored farmhouse with all the modern amenities. I can’t stop thinking about it. The house had that warm and cozy country feel but also large windows, wonderful double french doors leading to the great outdoors, a huge stone fireplace with a roaring fire. Tea was served on lovely bone china. There was only one thing missing.

Locks on doors.

All you folks out there who have burglar bars on every window and a gun under every pillow, listen up. There are places in this world where locks are not required. People live and work in harmony. Neighbours help each other out. I know it sounds goofy and maybe you’re thinking I’m lying but it’s not and I’m not.

Food for thought.

Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?

OK, that’s deceptive but I really want to make my white Annabella hydrangea blue. Can’t be done? Maybe not but worth a try.

Another Football Sunday

Yawn. Oh well, it’s almost over for the season so I’m just going to hang in there.

The weather outside is frightful but the aroma of roasting chicken is delightful. I spent my time in the kitchen making bran muffins and the aforementioned roasted chicken stuffed with seasoned wild rice. I served it with mushroom gravy, mashed sweet potatoes and a green salad. We ate by the TV of course.

As you can see, I live a wild life. I did have time to poke my nose out the door and take a little film clip. We’ve decided to abandon the shovelling of the driveway and park near the road instead. The shoveling is no problem but the layer of ice under the snow is, thanks to the prolonged ice storm we had a few weeks ago. Since even the January melt did not melt the ice, it’s likely not going away until Spring.

An Ugly Mess Out There

What with the heavy snows we’ve experienced followed by almost a week of ice rain, then the Polar Vortex plunging us into crazy cold conditions, and finally the sudden warming to above freezing temperatures, the conditions outside are beyond ridiculous. The January melt is in full swing but nights below freezing means all that water freezes – well, to make a long story short, it’s a skating rink out there.  And it’s ugly out there.  With all the sand and salt the trucks have spread in an attempt to make driving a little less hazardous, the melted slush is an ugly shade of grey. The piles of dirty snow is an ugly shade of grey matched only by the colour of the ugly grey sky.

My better half has been out there spreading salt.  Let’s hope it works.

Wait.  This is football Sunday so he’s back in, getting into his cozies, pluncked down in front of the TV and there he’ll stay until both games are over.

Still, with all that, I love winter. Go figure.