April 2010

Off Topic

Readying the Vegetable Patch

I’m dead tired.

I got up this morning and after downing a couple of cups of coffee, I took the seedlings I’d planted in larger containers, out of the living room and back into the sunroom. It was cold last night and I was afraid they’d get too cold and die. We can’t have that […]

Nervous Nellie

I’m such a Nervous Nellie right now. Some of the seedlings seem to be doing well while others are a bit of a disappointment. I spent a lot of money on these seeds and I’d like for them to flourish. The temperature isn’t helping either. It’s not consistent. One day, it’s warm – the next, […]

Down the Garden Path

The winter did a number on my pedestals. Well, maybe it was my fault. Maybe I didn’t let the paint cure long enough before placing things on them. Well, I had been over – anxious to place my pots on them. So, yesterday, I repainted them and left them outside to dry properly.


Methods of Propogating Geraniums

Oh, I almost forgot. If you recall, last autumn I pulled out the geraniums, shook off the dirt and hung them upside down from the cellar rafters. Well, this moring I got them, potted them in individual pots and watered them well. Wish me luck. I will keep you posted. My mother used this method […]

How Does My Garden Grow

Now that I’ve finished studying the seed catalogues and have received my order and have taken my saved egg cartons, filled them with potting mixture and placed my seeds in them, I can take a breather and wait for them to germinate.

I’ve placed said egg cartons on the kitchen table which means we sit […]