June 2023

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A Little Good News Despite Drought

It’s been a very disappointing season. There are people who say this is the new normal. I hope not. However, I am taking a different stance on gardening. Since I have to depend on rain water for the garden, I have to get a lot smarter with the way we use it. OK, the cistern is very large but it gets fed by rainwater gathered on the roof and funneled into the tank. No rain, eventually the tank will be empty.

So, plants that need very little water or have deep roots and therefore able to fend for themselves in time. Trees and evergreens come to mind. For annuals, keep them in pots and planters. So, now I will hunt for perfect planters.

Also, anything in the Sedum family. They are succulents and are great at absorbing water and retaining it in their leaves.

Also, plants with silver foliage. I have no idea why but they tend to hold up much better in a drought. For example, lamb’s ears and Artemisia to name two. They won’t necessarily thrive in a drought but they will stay alive until the next rainfall.

For shade gardening I love ferns, coral bells, hostas, Solomon’s Seal, bleeding heart, forget-me-not, etc. It’s easier to water these as they don’t dry up as quickly as those in full sun.

For the window boxes, the coleus really shone. They have such brilliant foliage, you never miss the flowers. I bought them at a nursery. I will overwinter these to replant in Spring. They put on such a great show and don’t need special treatment to make a wonderful display.coleus coleus2 coleus3 coleus4

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