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  • About My Chervil And Geraniums

    For all you readers out there that have never heard of chervil, it is a herb similar in appearance to the parsley but different in taste.  If you take a bit of the leaf and chew it, you will notice a licorice taste.   The French use it a lot in their cooking.

    It is the most difficult herb to find when you’re looking in the supermarkets.  Perhaps they don’t carry it because people don’t use it.  On the other hand, if you don’t carry it, they can’t buy it, can they? 

    I was frantically searching before we moved.  My usual grocer stopped carrying the herb.  After moving to the country, it became more impossible and so I finally found a seed house in Vancouver that carried it.  I ordered and here it is.

    I’ve harvested once and will again real soon.  Maybe today.  What I can’t use I’ll dry and put it in a jar.

    Also, notice how well my geraniums are doing.  I divided one of them but couldn’t the other because I ran out of pots.  Yes, I’m new at this. The little runt guy is doing well and sending out new shoots.

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