July 2022

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Another Day, Another Snow Storm

I won’t soon forget the winter of 2013-2014. Nobody talks about global warming when the weather is like this. In fact, I’m sick of hearing about that fabled global warming. It doesn’t exist. Period.

All you folks living in the Caribbean must all be gloating right about now. Seems all of North America is in a deep freeze. Well, I just have to keep remembering the water shortages and power outages that were so comon place when I lived there.

So we know there is no perfect place on this planet. Perhaps one day we’ll find a perfect place in another galaxy. I wish to be around in one form or another when that occurs. But I digress.

The other day I had tea with one of my new best friends who lives on a 150 acre property. Her house is fabulous – a restored farmhouse with all the modern amenities. I can’t stop thinking about it. The house had that warm and cozy country feel but also large windows, wonderful double french doors leading to the great outdoors, a huge stone fireplace with a roaring fire. Tea was served on lovely bone china. There was only one thing missing.

Locks on doors.

All you folks out there who have burglar bars on every window and a gun under every pillow, listen up. There are places in this world where locks are not required. People live and work in harmony. Neighbours help each other out. I know it sounds goofy and maybe you’re thinking I’m lying but it’s not and I’m not.

Food for thought.

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