June 2023

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Another Gardening Season is Over

It’s kind of sad and yet kind of fun. Well, that’s the way it is with us gardeners. We have to be the most optimistic people in the world. Even if this year was a disappointment what with too little or too much rain, insects, critters etc. making our lives miserable, we plan and dream of the perfect garden we will have next year.

Charlie will have to do one more mowing before cleaning the mower and putting it up for the winter. Then we will have to fertilize the shrubs and trees. We’re trying it this year in the hope of having less work next Spring. We’ll see.

This year I planted asparagus, rhubarb, 2 types of blueberries, several strawberry plants and tomatoes. The asparagus and blueberries won’t be ready for eating for another couple of years, the rhubarb should give us a crop next Spring. The tomatoes failed miserably so I’m giving up on them. 

I’ve planted much more for the shade garden such as goatsbeard, astilbe, lady’s mantle, bleeding heart, ferns etc. I’d like to build some kind of trellis for climbing plants. Oh, I have so many dreams. I transplanted the Tiger Eye Sumac suckers in a couple of the beds. I love that shrub/tree because it is beautiful from Spring to late Fall. The foliage is so vibrant and changes colour throughout the year from chartreuse to yellow to orange and red before dropping its leaves. 

The Golden Elder I bought as a little bare-root plant has grown into a nice little tree. In Spring it was covered with lovely white blossoms which turned into berries. Late summer when the berries had turned a very dark purple, I harvested them and make Elderberry Syrup. It is fabulous over ice cream or pancakes. As well, it is highly nutritious and has been used forever by native people to ward off colds and flu.

The rose hips were disappointing this year whereas last year they were wonderful. So, you can never tell with nature. What’s awesome this year could be a dud next year. But 2017 was the year of the elderberry. It was also the year of the cones. Every conifer sent out cones of every shape and size. It was like Mother Nature having multiple births. It was weird. 

The autumn colors were very disappointing. Normally we’d have a burst of colour – a feast for the eyes – everybody’s favourite time of year. Not this year. It was so strange – maybe just 25% of the color we have been accustomed to. Nobody talked about it much but we all noticed it. And I just saw that we’re expecting snow Thursday night and Sunday. I don’t mind. Less work. I can stay inside guilt-free enjoying just being and watching endless movies.

And that pretty much is my year in revue, the garden edition. Next, the Christmas Season – always a fun time. Thank you for reading my little blog.


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