June 2023

Off Topic

Our Motley Crew

Here is a picture of a group of us after planting more perennials by the soccer field in Hastings. We have such a nice time together. More fun than disco dancing in days gone by.

November And The Garden Is Bleak

Is there anything sadder than a garden between seasons? Last night we had ice rain. All that is supposed to melt today according to the weather reports. There is only dirty ice on the ground. Once it begins to snow, it will look pretty again, especially on sunny days.

I now have three seed catalogues […]

Last Pictures of the Garden

Since this is the first of November you know it won’t be long before the snow flies. Already we’re waking up to mornings with frost on the ground. Well, it could be worse, we could live in North East USA with their incredible snow storm, fallen trees, power cuts. Mother Nature is a fickle woman. […]

Autumn Has Settled In

The leaves have turned and are dropping steadily, especially in a breeze. It’s autumn once again. Time has certainly moved along so quickly. Seems like the other day we moved in and tackled a mammoth job of transforming this plot of earth. We’ve only just begun. The more we do, the greater the job that […]