March 2023

Off Topic

Charlie and his Tilley

People let me tell you about Charlie and his Tilley (what’s left of it). I don’t know how familiar you are with the brand but here in Canada, it is well known and loved. The company promises that it is so tough that nothing can harm it. (A little overstated, I’d say). However, if the […]

A Promise of Things to Come

Like I said, it’s early yet and the daisies are not yet in bloom, the roses are still in bud and the anuals are still setting root. Given time and water and sun, they will make it all shine.


Making Progress

I figure I’d better post some pictures before I get accused of getting lazy.

The “hen house” is coming along. Charlie has been working like a dog on clearing it and working on the lower garden-to-be.

He’s in the process of creating burn piles. These piles won’t be burned until next winter. I hope […]

Finally, Spring!

This site was down for at least a week. My host migrated my sites and many others to new servers and basically screwed things up. As you know, they never seem to take the blame but try to pass it on to you or some other “third party”. Thank God for forums where true help […]