March 2018
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  • Making Progress

    I figure I’d better post some pictures before I get accused of getting lazy.

    The “hen house” is coming along. Charlie has been working like a dog on clearing it and working on the lower garden-to-be.

    He’s in the process of creating burn piles. These piles won’t be burned until next winter. I hope […]

    Finally, Spring!

    This site was down for at least a week. My host migrated my sites and many others to new servers and basically screwed things up. As you know, they never seem to take the blame but try to pass it on to you or some other “third party”. Thank God for forums where true help […]

    Those Strong Country Women

    I have a neighbour who lives down the road. She power-walks several miles every day. She’s just a little slip of a woman in her 60’s. We always have nice chats whenever I’m outside when she goes by.

    The other day we talked and I mentioned how I hate the concrete slab walkway to my […]

    What a Drought

    I can’t remember the last time it rained. It’s dry as a bone. Every day the sun shines and the birds sing but, enough already. We need rain. The rain barrels need filling. Thank goodness for the tap across the street. That’s where I go with my watering can to fill up and water the […]

    Dandelions Instead of a Lawn

    Since the government has outlawed the use of chemical pesticides, our so-called lawn is a sea of dandelions. I called around the other day. Sure, the Weed Man talks about a weed-free lawn but when I asked him if he can get rid of dandelions, his answer was, “We’re working on it”. What’s that? Is […]

    First Plantings

    I can’t remember when I’ve worked so hard. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to it but I found bending over and planting these darlings, with all the blood rushing to my head, very difficult. That night, there wasn’t a muscle in my body that wasn’t screaming. This morning, however, I don’t feel much pain […]

    The Sweet Smell of Spring

    The scent of lilacs is everywhere. Their sweet aroma lingers even inside the house. The tulips and daffodils are all just about done and it’s still a couple of weeks before it’s safe to plant my vegetables and flowers.

    We plan to transplant eight more maples along the front of […]

    Garden Dreams

    It’s been some time since I gave you an update on my progress.

    All of the seedlings are now in the sun room except the ones that have to be direct seeded. I guess I’ll have to be patient and wait for another couple of weeks until all risk of […]

    Readying the Vegetable Patch

    I’m dead tired.

    I got up this morning and after downing a couple of cups of coffee, I took the seedlings I’d planted in larger containers, out of the living room and back into the sunroom. It was cold last night and I was afraid they’d get too cold and die. We can’t have that […]

    Nervous Nellie

    I’m such a Nervous Nellie right now. Some of the seedlings seem to be doing well while others are a bit of a disappointment. I spent a lot of money on these seeds and I’d like for them to flourish. The temperature isn’t helping either. It’s not consistent. One day, it’s warm – the next, […]

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