June 2023

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Pictures of Garden Mid September '12

The plants are still so young. Although larger than last year, they will grow (fingers crossed) to be from 5 to 8 feet tall, depending on the plant. The grasses you see at the border will, hopefully grow to be 10 feet tall by year after next. I need it for screening.


Back to Normal – sort of

The rains came and went and now we assess the damage. The “snake” does not have enough good soil. That hinders growth, I’m aware of that. We need at least a truckload of earth to add to various beds. Maybe even more.

Along the property line, separating us from the others, a swath of […]

Finally, Rain

It rained last night. It lasted about 20 minutes, at best. It was actually a vicious storm, not the slow and steady soaker we really want and need but it was enough to fill my cistern again. Plus I don’t have to water my plants today. I’ve never heard a sweeter sound than the rain […]


It hasn’t rained in weeks. The grass is as brown as you please. I’ve been watering daily – not the grass but the beds – but my cistern is running dry. It has held up well but …… Seems to me the last time it rained was four weeks or so ago. We need a […]

More Pictures - Summer - June/July


Mophead hydrangea


dames rockets (datura)


View of birch and maples


smokebush & stella d’oro lillies


weigela (wine and roses)


Golden Elderberry


evening primrose


dames rockets


birch, maple


Oh Canada

Yesterday, being the first of July, was Canada Day. We went to our neighbours up the road to watch the parade because it passes by their house. We had a nice visit and then we went for barbeque to our other neighbour’s house. They had quite a crowd and did turkey on the BBQ. I’d […]

My Country Garden End of June – Three Years Later

Today I just feel like posting some pictures. Charlie and I have worked so hard on this garden and we have so far to go but we can see progress, that’s for sure.

The other day a lady asked Charlie where we lived, he told her and she responded with, “Oh, I know, your […]

Big Doings in Little Hastings

So, you’d never believe Hastings won and along with a trophy, there is a nice fat cheque of $25000. Well, the village was in a holiday mood for sure. The presentation was yesterday at noon down at the Marina so I enclosed some photos. The contest was held by WFN and covered all of North […]