March 2023

Off Topic

Maple Trees Forever

If you are at all interested in planting maples on your property, this site will help you tremendously. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as too much information.

New Garden Site

It has been a long time and I guess I just outgrew this site. Besides, I wanted my own address so please go to

More Misty Mornings in October

I wish this time of year could last for at least a couple more months. It is so wonderful outside. I don’t have to go far – just step out the front door and there it is.

rose hips

fallen tree, lilacs and maple


Burning Bush


Maples in the Morning Mist

A Walk in my Garden

Back porch in the early morning

Not much to say today. It’s quite warm – in the 80’s F. Took a few pictures and here they are:

Native to mountain areas in central and southern Europe, Rosa glauca is a species rose that is grown in gardens today for its attractive […]

Bridge Over the River Trent

All bad things come to an end. This Friday, April 29, the bridge will be open again for through traffic. Every merchant in town will be breathing a sigh of relief. It’s been very hard on them and business is down 50-60%. That could be the death knell for those who couldn’t hold on. After […]

And Then It Turned Cold Again

Typical Spring weather. It warms up and then cools down. Lots of rain which is good, then warm again – then cold. Spring is a messy, muddy time of year.

Update On Window Boxes

The window boxes are constructed, lined and stained. I found out that Canadian Tire doesn’t carry lumber. I felt like an idiot asking their staff where they kept lumber. (No wonder they looked at me funny.) However, just down the road from Canadian Tire is Rona and they do sell lumber etc. They cut the […]

I'm Walking Again!

I guess it’s time to stop complaining and whining. It will be a while before I can do what I did before but not too long. At least I’m back sleeping in my own bed beside my husband. I can get up and down the stairs pretty well. My body needs to be strong again.


The House and How It Looked 40 Years Ago

These are the earliest pictures I have of my house which was once a lodge. It is a happy house. No bad ghosts here.