June 2023

Off Topic

It Sure Looks Like Spring Is Here

It got quite mild today so I went out and pruned some of my hydrangea. They needed a good pruning. I had never done it before – just trimming down a little – but this time I took it seriously. There was a lot that needed removing. These hydrangea grow on new wood so Spring […]

Reality Check

OK, so a few seeds have germinated and I’m feeling very optimistic, the truth is it’s still February and there is a lot of winter left. Just to remind us what we had just a week ago and what is coming next week, here are a few shots to keep us humble.

The swing bridge […]

Russian Sage Has Germinated

I could not believe my eyes. Germination has taken place. I’m just waiting for another day or so to take the cover off and place them in our “greenhouse”.

In case you wonder why I have greenhouse in quotation marks, it’s because I’m referring to our jetted bathtub upstairs. Above it is a skylight. It […]

First Banana Seedling Raising Its Green Head

Today is a good day. Finally, after about 6 weeks, I have my first banana plant poke its head through the soil. I’m betting the others will follow soon. I can’t wait to get them into the ground for a tropical feel – something different in the northern garden.

I hope I can get them […]

Christmas 2015 – Tshirt Weather

It’s Christmas Eve. At 5:30AM I looked outside to see a big orange moon slowly setting. There is a very warm breeze. It’s 15 Celsius or about 60 Fahrenheit. Did I mention it’s Christmas Eve? What is going on?

There are many who are so happy with the weather. Golfers mostly. Although I am enjoying […]