August 2022

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Down the Garden Path

The winter did a number on my pedestals.  Well, maybe it was my fault.  Maybe I didn’t let the paint cure long enough before placing things on them.  Well, I had been over – anxious to place my pots on them.  So, yesterday, I repainted them and left them outside to dry properly.

Charlie is doing a good job sinking those rocks for my garden path.  We made it winding so, of course, there are many more to do than if we had gone in a straight line.  I can envision a pagoda at the end of the path.  If it’s properly built, I could have wisteria, or maybe something that blooms all the time.  Clematis?  Roses?

Reality check.

First we have to plant the flowers and vegetables but before we can do that, we have to dig out the beds and get them ready for planting.

OK, about the seeds in the egg cartons – I see that after only 3 days the Basil is already starting to germinate.  I took a picture of my first crocus in bloom and one of lilac buds.  This is probably boring as all get out to most but it’s so exciting to me.

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