July 2022

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Estate Auction

Last weekend I had the best time. We went up the street to an estate auction. I had never been to one and so it was an experience. I couldn’t believe the number of people there. Cars parked up and down every side street and even on the main road.

The lady whose house it was, had been put into a home and all her possessions were arranged and organized all over her garden. Wow, she had some lovely things. She must also have been a collector. There were many things that had not even been used – some still in their original packaging.

I bought a beautiful wool rug for the living room for $30.00. I bought three solid oak mission chairs for $5.00, a Persian vase for $10.00 and a hand-knitted awesome poncho for $5.00.  Are you kidding, I am in heaven! Oh, how I love a bargoon. I missed out on a small table to go with two of the chairs so I’ll have to go to more auctions to find one. You have to be real quick at these auctions or you lose.

There was one guy with tatoos on his arms that was buying furniture furiously. He had a flatbed parked on the road and loaded it up with all his purchases. He owns an antique shop in Toronto so that’s where this stuff is going to. So remember, when you’re in antique shops and everything you see is expensive, remember they were probably coming from an estate auction.


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