June 2023

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Fall is Here

We’ve had the strangest year – a record cold and long winter, a wet spring, a rather cool summer and now it looks like fall has started early. Let’s hope for a long and wonderful fall before old man winter settles in.

I’ve had a good crop of veggies this year. I had planted and sown everything before my accident. I don’t think I’ll plant snow peas anymore. They’re great and we so enjoy them but when the season is over, it’s over and I can’t freeze snow peas.

Roma beans are wonderful and very hard to find in supermarkets. I planted 2 rows this year. I’ll plant 3 rows next year. They freeze so well. I had a lot of beets and made pickled beets from the root and froze the leaves. Swiss chard did very well as did the kale and I’ve preserved a lot. My freezer is packed with vegetables. I had a good crop of basil and made several jars of pesto. I also canned other things such as peach chutney, chili, peaches,

I look around the garden in mid September and I see where I’m sadly lacking in the interim summer/ fall interest. The trees that are slowly changing colour, tiger-eye sumac looks lovely. Oh, let’s not forget the staghorn sumac which is in the process of turning crimson red. We’re not there yet. The trees have not changed colour yet and neither has the burning bush or the sumac. So, it’s the interim between summer and autumn that is a problem right now. That’s where the cosmos would have held up the garden if only Charlie had watered more than just three times the whole summer. Oh well, 12 weeks a slave. He did take good care of my every need during that time.

Next year.

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