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    I can’t remember when I’ve worked so hard.  Maybe it’s because I’m not used to it but I found bending over and planting these darlings, with all the blood rushing to my head, very difficult.  That night, there wasn’t a muscle in my body that wasn’t screaming.  This morning, however, I don’t feel much pain at all.  Go figure.

    I’ve been warned that I’m planting a little early.  Some folks around here don’t plant out until the first of June.  Well, I couldn’t even wait for the May long weekend to get going.  I mean, haven’t they heard of Global Warming? 

    I’ve attached photos even though there is not much to see as of yet. And just to recap – the experiment of hanging geraniums upside down from the rafters, failed.  Cutting the main stalk in two, succeeded.  I started onions inside.  I think that’s a mistake.    Thankfully, I didn’t use up all the seeds so I will direct seed the rest into the garden.

    Did I mention, we don’t have an outdoor tap so I have to water with a watering can?  Luckily, we have rain barrels so at least I don’t have to haul water from the kitchen.  In any case, that’s a whole heap of schlepping.  And you wonder why I’m sore.

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