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    It’s been some time since I gave you an update on my progress. 

    All of the seedlings are now in the sun room except the ones that have to be direct seeded.  I guess I’ll have to be patient and wait for another couple of weeks until all risk of frost is gone before I can actually put the plants into the ground. 

    Meanwhile, Charlie has been very helpful in helping me to decide on where to plant what.  I thought I had it all thought out but doing things on paper and transferring them to the ground are two different things particularly since some of the seedlings are perennials which means I’d better take my time and plan where they should go.

    I’ve been told that gardening is an ongoing thing – a work in progress.  Of course, I have to remember that.  It’s not going to look the way I want it to, the first year.  Remembering how stark and unappealing this garden was keeps me going. We’ve been working so hard at making some changes.  Everything takes time and a tremendous amount of money.  I hope we’ll be in a position to build that garage and driveway this year.  I hope we can afford the garage that has a guest suite on the second floor.  I love company but I also love privacy – as do my guests.  Well, that’s something I’m working on.  Nothing is as easy as it sounds what with permits and all.

    Yesterday, I sold another cord of wood that Charlie had cut down and piled up.  The young man who bought it got excited over all the other trees yet to be felled.  He claims to have all the equipment for hauling up the logs from below.  He will take them for no money and we’ll have our lower-garden-to-be cleared for no money.  It’s a win-win situation.  That, along with the winter burning that our neighbour suggested should clear the lower garden just fine. 

    The next problem to be solved will be draining the lower garden.  It’s very boggy.  I want channels dug, creating a pond.  Then we can get creative and build a waterfall etc.  I can imagine swans swimming in the pond and frogs croaking.  I love frogs.  Since we have such a ravine, we should be able to create a very dramatic water feature, don’t you think?  I see a weeping willow and a curly willow, both swaying in the breeze and me relaxing in chaise admiring the scenery and sipping on a gin and tonic while Charlie is swaying in his hammock, reading a book and sipping on a beer, all the while our German Shepard is stretched out beneath the willow snoring.  Yes, that’s my version of bliss.

    Reality check.

    It’s Sunday morning and I’m hungry.  I think I heard Charlie walking around upstairs.  He won’t come down until the bed is made and he’s brushed and washed and dressed.  I love that about him.  He is fastidious.  He also, without fail, makes the best Sunday breakfast.

    Oh, here he is.  I’m signing off.

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