June 2023

Off Topic

Getting Ready for the Big Melt

Today I ventured out to have a look at what’s what. Since the temperature is currently above freezing, there is some melting going on. The sidewalks had been cleared and so I could walk on them but where there has been melting, there are ice patches. This afternoon the temperature will be dropping and we’re heading for a cold spell again.

I tried walking on the snow covered lawn so I could inspect some of the shrubs that are reaching above the snow and, in the process, sunk knee-deep in said snow. Clearly, we are not meant to walk on it yet. I guess in a couple of weeks the temperature should warm up enough for us to have a real melt.

From now until all the snow is gone  and the frost comes out of the ground, it will be ugly.  The change from winter to spring is never pretty. We should be grateful, however. I have just finished watching part two of the Dust Bowl of the 30’s in and around Boise City Oklahoma. Ten years of drought and dust storms during the Great Depression. How the people suffered, I can only imagine. What a wonder more didn’t die. So, I’d better stop my bitching about melting snow and ice and such.

OK, I’m done.

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