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Hallelujah, I'm Back

I tell you, you have to be a computer techie to have websites running properly.  Oh well, I won’t bore you but after having been hacked, I lost weeks of work.  Finally, I’m back.

So, what’s new in my garden?  Well, let’s see.  Our house, which is a heritage home, came with a cistern.  For those of you not familiar with the term, it’s a big tank in the cellar that collects rain water.  The electrical and the plumbing parts necessary to connect the cistern, are done.  We now are waiting for “Big Dog” to come with his men to install the new eaves-trough to feed into the cistern and then we pray for rain to fill it.  With any luck, my watering with a watering can will soon be over.

We also bought 2 – 17′ white birches.  Poor Charlie spent all Saturday afternoon digging two big holes for the trees to be dropped in.  I lost the butterfly bush over the winter.  I also lost the unlosable Giant White Fleeceflower (persicaria polymorpha). The latter probably because I moved it when I shouldn’t have.  I bought a Japanese maple, Golden Elderberry, a rose bush, a Weigela, etc.  We’re just scratching the surface of all the work yet to be done.  One day I’ll have Charlie agree to get rid of the remainder of what was once the barn for small animals.  Once the roof and rafters are gone, the old concrete floors replaced with field stones, I can make a lovely patio – maybe build a stone fireplace.  I love the stone walls, though.  They stay.

Reality check. All that costs a great deal of money and time.  Baby steps.My veggie garden with Hans standing guardGolden Elderberry

Japanese Maple


White Birch


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