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    Let me tell you what happened the other day.  I walked outside and on the back porch were several stacked flower trays.  On the top tray lay, neatly packed, seedling pots – lots of them.  I thought Charlie had found them while clearing the lower garden but when asked he said he thought I’d found them.  Besides, they looked new.  There was no note attached so I have no idea who did this wonderful thing.  I can’t thank them.  I don’t know who it was but it just goes to show you the lovely people who live around here.  So, if by chance, the person who left them is reading this, I thank you so much.

    Early yesterday morning I happened to look out the back window at the garden-to-be below and saw something move.  It was at day-break so the light was not great yet but I kept looking.  A few minutes later I saw them clearly – two red foxes playing.  They were young puppies, chasing each other, rolling around on the ground and jumping over wood piles.  Had the light been better, I would have been able to take a picture but I didn’t want to go outside and frighten them away so I stayed inside and just watched them.  They stayed in the general area of where Charlie had cleared the land but after a while they chased each other through the trees and out of sight.  I was sorry to see them go.  I hope they come back.

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