February 2023

Off Topic

Hello Crocuses and Tulips

Everything is popping up everywhere. When I say that I mean little green things are poking through the ground like little periscopes checking out the temperature to see if it’s safe to come out. The only colour so far is coming from one of my crocuses and then – just. What a brave little flower you are.

The woody shrubs have buds up and down their stems. My Japanese maple which I so adore is looking pretty healthy. The perennials of course are not yet waking up. They need warmer weather.  The cedars I planted last summer look like they survived the brutal winter. Knowing southern Ontario weather like I do, the heat will pop up almost overnight and suddenly everything will happen at once. And then to spoil it all, the bugs will arrive – mosquitos, black flies, horse flies and such. Well, it’s all part of nature and they usually don’t bother you except at sunrise and sunset. At least we don’t have alligators or  poisonous snakes – just the little garters and they don’t hurt anything. They have no teeth.

It’s still looking pretty bare. In fact the transition from winter to spring is probably the least attractive time of year – just the most exciting. As the frost comes out of the ground there is a lot of squishy lawn and you should do your best not to walk on it too much until it’s all dried out so you don’t compact it too much. Ah but the anticipation…….

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