June 2018
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  • How Does My Garden Grow

    Now that I’ve finished studying the seed catalogues and have received my order and have taken my saved egg cartons, filled them with potting mixture and placed my seeds in them, I can take a breather and wait for them to germinate.

    I’ve placed said egg cartons on the kitchen table which means we sit at the kitchen island to eat and will be doing so for 6 weeks or so.

    I managed to find a really nice garden site called http://gardentenders.com.  It’s a great spot and the folks are so friendly.  There must be something about working in the soil that makes you a kinder person.  They are so helpful.  It’s a treat.

    Wait, did I say take a breather?  In my dreams.  I’ve taken the flat rocks from the “hen house” and created my garden path.  I think I still have to edit a bit but then I have to dig around each rock, dig a hole deep enough to hold the rock and so my husband can run the lawn mower over them.  That should be fun.  My back feels tight from carrying all those rocks.  I just hope the effort is worth it.

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