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  • I Hate July

    It is hot as blazes.  I saw a sign on the news this morning: “Satan called.  He wants his heat back!”  No kidding.  It’s quite unbearable and with the humidity it feels like around 100F or more.  Thank God for central air although I don’t want to see my hydro bill this month.

    Despite all that, we went to a nursery yesterday and went crazy buying plants.  I don’t know if I’d mentioned this before but the round bed with nothing but daisies turned out to be a dud.  The daisies all finished blooming at the same time and I was forced to dig out the plants, therefore I am left with a big, round gaping nothing.  That is why we took the trip to the nursery.

    We bought one Royal Purple Smoketree to be planted in the centre of the bed.  We bought two Sheridan Gold Euonymus (Fusain ‘Sheridan Gold’), two Surespot Euonymus – Fusain ‘Surespot’ and eight Stella D’Oro Daylily – Hemerocallis ‘Stella D’Ooro’.  We spent an enormous amount of money.  They are now sitting on the south porch in the shade.  I water them twice daily to keep them from drying out.  It’s too hot to work in the garden.  As we speak, Charlie is in Campbellford to buy twelve bags of black cedar mulch and several bags of black earth.  Maybe early one morning this weekend I’ll get to work, working in the soil and manure into the bed, then plant out the bed and water it a lot.  It should be an awesome display when completed.

    Well, that’s the plan.

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