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Ice Storm - April 2013

It’s been a long winter.  No complaints.  I love winter as everyone knows.  Snuggled up on the sofa watching movies, fireplace adding ambiance, eating comfort food and feeling cozy.  Summer and the searing heat will come soon enough.

Then came the ice storm.  The power, internet and TV wires were encrusted with ice, the roads, sidewalks and all things horizontal were covered with sheets of ice.  And the wind.  Gale force winds. It was hard to relax in front of the fire while hearing heavy thuds on the roof.  We wondered if something had come crashing through – but nothing had.  Still, it makes you feel so helpless against the forces of nature.  You can’t go out of a walk without the danger of slipping and falling on the ice.  Hey, a person could get hurt that way.

Most houses in Hastings were in darkness for over 24 hours.  Imagine the kind of work the men had to do to restore power.  My hat is off to the men at Ontario Hydro.  They work in all kinds of weather.  Good job.

Our power was on but TV and internet cables were out and so we watched movies we had on DVD.  Three full length movies.  And then we went to bed.  In the morning everything was back to normal – well, except our poor young birch trees but they’re slowly coming back as the temperature rises and the ice melts.

About those crashing sounds from the roof?  We lost some big branches from the elm tree.  It could have been worse.


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