March 2023

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It Sure Looks Like Spring Is Here

It got quite mild today so I went out and pruned some of my hydrangea. They needed a good pruning. I had never done it before – just trimming down a little – but this time I took it seriously. There was a lot that needed removing. These hydrangea grow on new wood so Spring is the time to prune.

I also noticed some of my bulbs are poking their little heads through the soil. Life renewing itself. This has been a very strange winter due to the el nino. I don’t like it. I like winters to be friggin’ cold and very snowy. I’m just worried that after the blossoms are out, it will turn real cold and kill everything just like what happened three years ago. That time we had no lilacs and fruit production was hit badly. Well the old saying is “in like a lion, out like a lamb”. March came in like a lion but we’re nowhere near the end of March and it’s lamb weather already.


The newly pruned hydrangea just sticks now but wait a few weeks.


The intense green is due to that location having been my kitchen garden. The soil is super rich amended many times, hence the deep green


I wonder how they will look once they leaf out. The two trees in front got some major pruning.


My latest junk shop find. They will be painted and maybe I’ll make cushions. Don’t know yet but even in the state they’re in, they are so comfortable. They’re metal but the strapping isn’t.

Mar 9 '16, It's mild but still so bare.

Mar 9 ’16, It’s mild but still so bare.































































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