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January In Zone 5

This is supposed to be a gardening blog. Well, I’m not doing much gardening right now but I am getting ready for Spring. I’ve got most of my seeds ready for order. For that I used Veseys Seeds. They are located in PEI, so they know Canadian zones. Why did I order from them? They have the best seed catalogue. OK, so I’m shallow.

We live in Hastings, Ontario, having moved from Mississauga a few months ago. It was a bit of an adjustment as neither of us had lived in the country before. I am going to have quite the learning curve when it comes to creating a garden and I’m starting with a blank slate.

We moved in the end of June so it was too late to start anything from seed. Besides, the property was in such a horrible mess, we spent all our time cleaning inside and out. I planted a couple of things – geraniums, mostly. I moved Hastas from the front where it was hot, to the back where it was shady. We moved a couple of rather young maple trees from the back to the front of the house. We face West, so we had no shade and the summer sun was wicked. The rest of the time, my husband was busy felling ugly Manitoba Maples. What a job!

So, that’s the background. Let’s see what the future holds.

BTW, that green shrub you see is a bamboo. I hope it lasts the winter.

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