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Last Pictures of the Garden

Since this is the first of November you know it won’t be long before the snow flies.  Already we’re waking up to mornings with frost on the ground.  Well, it could be worse, we could live in North East USA with their incredible snow storm, fallen trees, power cuts.  Mother Nature is a fickle woman.  You can never tell what goes on in that pretty little head of hers.  I wonder what devious plans she has in store for us?

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures, probably my last ones for the season, to let us remember the growing season of 2011.  Most of the annuals have been yanked out of the ground.  The only annuals remaining are the Yellow Calendula and Dusty Miller.  I’ve read the calendulas will self-seed but I’m not taking any chances so I’m also saving seeds.  As for Dusty Millers, I just don’t know where they keep their seeds.  Some say they are perennials, I’m leaving them in the ground, so I guess we’ll find out next Spring what they really are.

The Shasta Daisies are incredible.  When I say that, I mean indestructible.  I’ve given some away, moved many and they always look like they’d always been there.  I got some sedum and perennial poppies from friends,  the four o’clocks are wonderful hardy annuals as are love lies bleeding.  One of my favourite flower is the red geranium.  I grew up with geraniums in Europe.  To me no garden is complete without them, but what a royal pain in the butt to overwinter them.  Sure, you can put them in pots and have them all over the house.  That way they grow leggy and ugly but you can cut them back and get new plants.  I’ve tried hanging them upside down in the basement but that didn’t work, this year I’ve got them in paper bags hanging upside down in the basement.  Maybe I’ll spray the bags with water occasionally to keep the roots from drying out completely.  I don’t know. 

I don’t think I’ll sow Devil’s Trumpets again – or maybe I will.  They are not as lovely as Angel’s Trumpets and you have to nip the seed-heads daily.  Sunflowers are wonderful and make a huge statement when clustered together.  Easy to grow.

Asters as perennials are great.  They spread.  I also got all kinds of yellow daisy-like perennials from neighbours called Heleopsis and Coreopsis.  They look promising. I’m not sure the baby’s breath was such a good idea.  They look like weeds.   I do tend to ramble on so I will stop.  Thank you for your patience.

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