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  • Life With a Broken Ankle

    About 3 weeks ago  – say around 5:00AM I was in the garden planting my second row of peas and doing a general walk-around to see how my flowers and shrubs were doing. This has been a morning ritual these last five years. I was just putting my tools away when I slipped on a slope covered with dewy grass, my leg twisted while coming down. I let out a scream, rolled over on the grass. I immediately knew I had broken my ankle. I writhed in pain for some minutes until it finally clicked to scream for Charlie who was dead asleep upstairs.

    After screaming a couple of times and calling his name, he woke. It was good to see him coming around the corner – he was such a welcome sight. His first reaction was to cut two splints. In retrospect, that was really funny. How was he going to get me out of there? I said to call 911 but he kept insisting he’s taking me. It took several screams to get him to react. Five minutes later, the paramedics came around the corner and wheeled me out of there into the ambulance.

    Long story short, I had surgery on my ankle, pins and all. I had broken it in three places, torn the ligament. Oh joy. So here I am feeling sorry for myself, wheeling around in a wheelchair. Charlie bathes me and cooks all the meals. He is so attentive. I don’t know what I would do without him. He orders in sometimes. We had the best Chinese food last night. Friends come to visit sometimes but they all have their own lives. I watch endless hours of TV. Thank goodness I am still able to work. That’s because all I need is my computer and my phone. It’s a lifesaver as I would go loonie without something to do.

    So bear with me. I should be back in my garden before the summer is over. Maybe August?

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