June 2018
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  • May Is Finally Here

    It’s been a slow beginning this Spring. A year ago last Fall I planted 20 daffodils. That following Spring, one little one appeared. This Spring, five appeared. Some of the tulips are now up. I don’t think I’ll plant any more tulips. They don’t spread like daffodils – maybe that’s why they are so prized. Anything difficult seems to be more prized. Like roses, for instance. And speaking of which, one of my rose bushes died. Could have been the harsh winter we had. They are finicky, aren’t they?

    First thing every morning, I take my coffee and do a walk-about in my garden to see what’s going on. There is lots of leafing-out going on but my favourite fleeceflower still seems to be dormant. Maybe it’s just a late getter upper. Who knows. Here in the North, gardening is so different from the tropics. There you just have to stick something in the ground and before you can turn around, it’s growing.

    It occurred to me that if a garden isn’t beautiful twelve months of the year then it’s not a beautiful garden. So, last weekend we drove to a tree farm and bought more evergreen shrubs. ¬†They are always wonderful but they really shine in the winter when everything else is bare.Tapered and globe cedar IMG_4371 IMG_4372 IMG_4373

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