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    I’m such a Nervous Nellie right now.  Some of the seedlings seem to be doing well while others are a bit of a disappointment.  I spent a lot of money on these seeds and I’d like for them to flourish.  The temperature isn’t helping either.  It’s not consistent.  One day, it’s warm – the next, cold.  So, since the sun room isn’t insulated, I’ve had to move them in at night and back out in the morning.  I hope it’s all worth it.

    The tulips and hyacinths are doing well.  The hyacinths are blooming and the tulips are almost blooming.  They are spread out all over the place, though, so what I’ll be doing when they are finished blooming, is dig them up, separate them by colour,  and store them for the fall.  Come Autumn, I will make a bed for them and do some serious clumping.  Face it, it makes for a much more dramatic show when they’re all in the same place.  I learned that at the Tulip Festival in Ottawa.

    Looking at my bulletin board, I see a number of packets of seed pinned there.  Several herbs, sunflowers, lettuce, etc.  Some I have to seed directly into the ground.  Others, have to be spaced so as to have a constant supply instead of all at once.  For example, lettuce.  I’ll put down some seed and hold some back.  I’m told to do this in two-week intervals.

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