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November And The Garden Is Bleak

Is there anything sadder than a garden between seasons? Last night we had ice rain. All that is supposed to melt today according to the weather reports. There is only dirty ice on the ground. Once it begins to snow, it will look pretty again, especially on sunny days.

I now have three seed catalogues that came just this week. Although I enjoy looking through them, nothing really appeals to me. I have most of what they’re offering. What I want are the unique things that seed catalogues don’t offer. That means I have to wait till spring and then visit a nursery. That’s expensive. Last year when we visited said nursery for planting out the round bed with perennials, it cost us $250.00.  That’s just one bed.

Mostly, I’ve been trying to grow perennials from seed which is more economical but, of course, the plants take longer to mature.  I find asking friends and neighbours for seeds or roots works but I don’t like to impose.  So, better save my pennies.  Gardening costs can add up.  Good thing I saved seeds from last summer.

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