July 2022

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Propagating Geraniums

Last July I bought a couple of geranium plants at the local supermarket.  I planted them by the front porch.  When autumn came, I remembered something my mother had done every autumn.  She’d pull out the geraniums by the root, shake off the dirt and hang them upside down on a rigged-up line in the basement.  She’d replant them in the Spring and she always had beautiful geraniums every year.

I decided to do the same but with one more step,  I cut a couple of pieces of stems from the plants before yanking them out of the ground, and planted them in a couple of little pots I had.  I knew it would be strictly experimental.

To my not-so-surprise, they are flourishing.  New leaves are shooting up.  Looking mighty fine.  So, I’m wondering if that’s the way to propagate geraniums – cut a piece of strong stem and simply pot them.  Or, if it’s summer, simply stick them in the ground.  I’ll bet that works, too, but I’ll have to wait till Spring to find out.

One thing that I tried but didn’t work was taking a geranium leaf and planting it in soil.  Maybe if I stuck it in a glass of water to root.  Hmmmmmmmmmm.  Worth a try.  I thought I’d add the picture.  If you look closely, you’ll see the red geraniums below the porch

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  • Frank

    How are your geraniums this year. Here in Southern California these plants stay in the ground or pots or flower boxes all year long. Mine flower at least ten months out of twelve. I also notice the day lilies off the front porch are gorgeous.

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