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    After the dry May we had, you’d think I’d be delighted to see the rain – and I am, but couldn’t it be a little less? Honestly, my garden is swimming, it’s coming down so hard.

    Yesterday I inspected the tomato plants and to my surprise, little tomatoes were on it. Those of you who garden, are going – duh, right about now! For me, these are little miracles.

    The following are my thoughts on my efforts:

    tomatoes, onions, lettuce, carrots, herbs, cucumbers, (I’m still waiting for the peppers to bloom, would you believe?), amaranthus love-lies-bleeding, marigolds, sunflowers, celosia chinatown red, daisies are finally looking like they might make it but no flowers yet, (at least they’re perennials).  Asters (also perennials) look OK but we’ll see. 

    Ricinus Zanzibarensis, hollyhocks, (both of these are still short – my tomatoes are twice as tall and twice as wide.  No – make that four times as big), but let’s not forget hollyhocks are perennials, butterfly bush hybrid mix (out of all the seeds, only two look like they might make it. However, they are perennials.  Still, they’re only 3 inches tall and they’re supposed to grow 3 feet the first year), lobelia (I won’t order those seeds again), heliotrope marine (still only 2 inches tall)

    Seeds I will not order again:
    Mr. Majestic (disappointing results – tiny flowers), Lobelia, Heliotrope Marine, Ricinus. Lobelia is too tiny to bother with. Heliotrope is too much trouble for an annual. Ricinus isn’t growing ten feet tall the way it’s advertised. It’s the end of June and only 18 inches, tall so far.

    Seeds I will order:
    All the vegetable seeds I ordered this year plus leeks, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, asparagus. That’s all I can think of in vegetables. With flowers, only perennials with the exception of Marigolds Africa Inca Yellow, pansies and petunias. These are useful filler flowers. Yellow alyssum – Aurinia saxatilis, is a perennial. Hardy mums for fall garden. Baby’s Breath for borders and to offset reds, etc.

    Also, I will order bulbs. I’ve got lots of tulips and hyaciths but I want the lilies and reblooming irises. They will give good colour all season.

    Last but not least – shrubs and grasses. Something for me to keep in mind. Although we’re Zone 5a, it’s best to order plants hardy to Zone 4 because it’s very cold in the winter and also very windy so the cold hardier the plants, the more chances of success.

    Well, that’s my shopping list for next year. Once it stops raining, I’ll go outside to take pictures.

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