June 2023

Off Topic

Readying the Vegetable Patch

I’m dead tired.

I got up this morning and after downing a couple of cups of coffee, I took the seedlings I’d planted in larger containers, out of the living room and back into the sunroom. It was cold last night and I was afraid they’d get too cold and die. We can’t have that […]

Bamboo Shoot

We’re having a bit of a snowstorm, you might say. Hell, I stepped out of the porch and sunk up to my knees in snow but I just had to take some pictures.

Mostly, I wanted to show you my bamboo. Although the leaves have changed colour they are still on the bush. Go figure. […]

The Bamboo in Winter

So far, so good. I’m watching it daily in amazement. Some days it looks a little frightened what with the leaves curling inward as though protecting itself from the cold. I had put a lot of mulch on it so hopefully it helps.

Also, I thought I’d show you my little window bank of […]

January In Zone 5

This is supposed to be a gardening blog. Well, I’m not doing much gardening right now but I am getting ready for Spring. I’ve got most of my seeds ready for order. For that I used Veseys Seeds. They are located in PEI, so they know Canadian zones. Why did I order from them? […]