July 2022

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The Season of Hope

Last Sunday having been a cool but sunny day we erected the stakes and chicken wire so my peas have something to climb on. I even sowed my first batch of pea seeds. Also my first beet seeds and Chervil seeds. Lots of triple mix worked into the bed.

Around the rest of […]

About My Chervil And Geraniums

For all you readers out there that have never heard of chervil, it is a herb similar in appearance to the parsley but different in taste. If you take a bit of the leaf and chew it, you will notice a licorice taste. The French use it a lot in their cooking.

It is the […]

The Bamboo in Winter

So far, so good. I’m watching it daily in amazement. Some days it looks a little frightened what with the leaves curling inward as though protecting itself from the cold. I had put a lot of mulch on it so hopefully it helps.

Also, I thought I’d show you my little window bank of […]

Chervil, The Rare Herb

I love using Chervil as a herb for chicken or eggs, etc. It is said to be a rare herb used mainly in French cooking. Let’s face it, I use it in everything. But for the last little while, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I’ve been to specialty shops and the big […]