July 2022

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The Season Has Begun

This year, I couldn’t wait to start gardening. As soon as the Christmas decorations were taken down and packed away at the beginning of January, I started my winter sowing. I’d been collecting clear plastic containers for some time so I drilled holes at the bottom of said containers, drilled holes on the lids, filled […]

Summer Memories


Methods of Propogating Geraniums

Oh, I almost forgot. If you recall, last autumn I pulled out the geraniums, shook off the dirt and hung them upside down from the cellar rafters. Well, this moring I got them, potted them in individual pots and watered them well. Wish me luck. I will keep you posted. My mother used this method […]

About My Chervil And Geraniums

For all you readers out there that have never heard of chervil, it is a herb similar in appearance to the parsley but different in taste. If you take a bit of the leaf and chew it, you will notice a licorice taste. The French use it a lot in their cooking.

It is the […]

Propagating Geraniums

Last July I bought a couple of geranium plants at the local supermarket. I planted them by the front porch. When autumn came, I remembered something my mother had done every autumn. She’d pull out the geraniums by the root, shake off the dirt and hang them upside down on a rigged-up line […]