July 2022

Off Topic

My Last Tour

I took a last tour around the garden. I made notes on what to buy, what to move, what shrubs to plant. I know I have to buy a lot of dirt, peat moss and fertilizer. However, slowly, little by little I’m getting to the point where I don’t have to do much anymore. By […]

Mid October 2012

Wouldn’t you know it? The garden looked its best just before the first heavy frost. I tore out all the Cosmos because they didn’t survive it. To my surprise, the beds didn’t look that bad. Well, that’s probably because the Calendulas are still in bloom. They are so tough. Also, some of the Marigolds are […]

Some Spring This Is

This past weekend was beautiful. For once, no rain. I planted another row of lilacs on the boundary. With the double row, that should give us lots of privacy once they mature. I also enlarged the bed above the hen house. I don’t mind telling you, I almost needed help just walking back to the […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away

After the dry May we had, you’d think I’d be delighted to see the rain – and I am, but couldn’t it be a little less? Honestly, my garden is swimming, it’s coming down so hard.

Yesterday I inspected the tomato plants and to my surprise, little tomatoes were on it. Those of you who […]