July 2022

Off Topic

Spring is Just Around The Corner

I’m crossing my fingers that whatever I sowed will survive until it’s time to plant out. The 4 o’clocks are big already. When I say big, I mean they needed transplanting in their own little pots. I am just now starting to save the single serving yogurt cups. Duh! They make perfect little pots for […]

The Season Has Begun

This year, I couldn’t wait to start gardening. As soon as the Christmas decorations were taken down and packed away at the beginning of January, I started my winter sowing. I’d been collecting clear plastic containers for some time so I drilled holes at the bottom of said containers, drilled holes on the lids, filled […]

Garden Dreams

It’s been some time since I gave you an update on my progress.

All of the seedlings are now in the sun room except the ones that have to be direct seeded. I guess I’ll have to be patient and wait for another couple of weeks until all risk of […]

Readying the Vegetable Patch

I’m dead tired.

I got up this morning and after downing a couple of cups of coffee, I took the seedlings I’d planted in larger containers, out of the living room and back into the sunroom. It was cold last night and I was afraid they’d get too cold and die. We can’t have that […]