July 2019
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The Big Melt

Without a doubt, this is the most unattractive time of year. The snow is melting and everywhere is either mud or very soft earth. Of course what snow remains is dirty looking. Oh well, another few days and the dirty snow will be gone, leaving us with just mud and soft earth.



Snow is on the Ground

Ah, but Spring is in the air. How do I know? Yesterday, I killed a spider in the house. The day before, I killed a fly and a lady bug. Believe me, the bugs know when it’s Spring.

I sowed my seeds four days ago and the tomatoes have already sprouted. By tomorrow I […]

In Like a Lion

Watching Toronto news, I sometimes feel like those Torontonians live in a world of their own. They’re reporting rain but I look out the window and see snow coming down in droves. Oh well, that’s what living two hours from the centre of the universe will do.

I’m getting a little tired of winter. I […]

The Season Has Begun

This year, I couldn’t wait to start gardening. As soon as the Christmas decorations were taken down and packed away at the beginning of January, I started my winter sowing. I’d been collecting clear plastic containers for some time so I drilled holes at the bottom of said containers, drilled holes on the lids, filled […]

Snow Storm

It’s about two weeks to Christmas. This weekend has been nothing but changes in the weather from mild temperatures and rain to snow to ice pellets, to sleet. Oh boy. We got plowed out but there was still a lot of shovelling to do to clear the walkways and just to tidy things up. Charlie […]