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The February Blahs

There’s no getting around it.  Freshly fallen snow under sunny skies is a sight to behold. That is until the snow plows come by and throw all the muck on our property. Then the sanders and the salters do their thing – not once, not twice but with every snowfall. The trick is to get out there and take pictures before their appearance. Of course, that’s not always possible because these services run 24/7.

Well, it’s not that bad. They’re doing their job so we can drive safely on our roads without slipping and sliding all over the place. In the Spring another set of trucks roll by vacuuming up the sand that invariably gathers by the side of the road. That’s when you know Spring is really here.

Unfortunately, we often get grey skies and it doesn’t snow every day. Whether our furry weatherman, Wiarton Willie sees his shadow or not, it’s still six weeks of winter.

I’m not really complaining. I like evenings spent by the fire watching Netflix. I like making soups and stews this time of year. And I like dreaming of the garden and what it will become this Spring. Definitely, the anticipation is better than the reality which is a lot of sweaty work while covered with bug repellant and oh those achy muscles. Despite that, we can’t wait to get dirty.  Working in the garden is when I’m happiest. Don’t ask me why. There’s no explanation.

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