July 2022

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The Garden - Always a Surprise

The last few days I’d noticed that something was eating my ripe tomatoes – half eaten, the other half left to rot on the lawn.  That distressed me.  So Charlie bought Critter Ridder and I spread a good amount around the perimiter of the garden, thinking some furry critter was enjoying the fruits of my labour.  The next day, more half-eaten tomatoes – some were still clinging to the vine, half eaten.  I was mad.

Because I have such a plentiful cucumber crop, I walked to my neighbour “Old Mick” to give him a couple of fresh-picked cukes.  He asked how my tomatoes were doing and I told him.  Turns out, he’s having the same problem with his tomatoes and actually saw a large crow swoop down and grab one from the vine, then fly off to a neighbour’s roof to eat it.  I told Charlie about the flying culprit and he erected a scarecrow.  This morning, no half-eaten tomatoes.  It worked!  How about that?

More surprises, the Mr. Majestics turned out to be quite lovely.  In fact, they’re turning into sizeable bushes.  Who knew?  So now I love them again. 

The daisies look like they will finally flower.  I had thought that this year would be a write-off.  And another huge surprise, the Ricinus Zanzibarensis are in bloom.  They never got past 2 feet in height but still they are producing flowers which in turn produce seeds which I will save and plant next year. 

So, as I said, the garden is an ever changing thing.  I can take pictures one day and a couple of days later, the scene has changed.  It is in constant motion.

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