December 2018
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The Season Has Begun

This year, I couldn’t wait to start gardening.  As soon as the Christmas decorations were taken down and packed away at the beginning of January, I started my winter sowing.  I’d been collecting clear plastic containers for some time so I drilled holes at the bottom of said containers, drilled holes on the lids, filled with a mixture of peat moss and potting soil, watered, sprinkled seeds, covered with a thin layer of earth mixture, put the lid on and stuck them outside in the snow.  I have about six or eight – maybe more, I lost track.  There they sit on the south side of the house, protected from crosswinds, waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing.  Since we’ve had so much snow, you can’t see any of them – they’re covered with about a foot of snow.

Inside, I also sowed seeds.  Also, my geraniums are coming along.  They are easy to propogate from cuttings.  I love the fiery red geraniums best.  This year, I’ve ordered “Dusty Miller” to plant with them.

I thought I’d post a few pictures of my attempts.  We have no breakfast table now and won’t have for the next couple of months until they’re planted out.  Now we eat at the island.  Oh well, it’s not forever.

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