June 2018
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  • The Sweet Smell of Spring

    The scent of lilacs is everywhere.  Their sweet aroma lingers even inside the house.  The tulips and daffodils are all just about done and it’s still a couple of weeks before it’s safe to plant my vegetables and flowers. 

    We plan to transplant eight more maples along the front of the house.  Charlie is intent on calling the property, “Ten Maples”. 

    “Twelve Oaks”  comes to mind.  I smile to myself.  What the hell?  He’s entitled.  I want to call it “Back-O-Wall”.  Anyone who has ever lived in Jamaica will know what I mean although, in this case, it would be tongue-in-cheek.  Rather like calling a tall man “Shorty”.

    Because the Provincial Government outlawed the use of herbicides (to save the planet), we have a sea of dandellions, as have all our neighbours.  Charlie attempts to get them up by the root but, let’s face it, it’s a hopeless battle.  It will take a lot of aerating, mulching, reseeding and fertilizing for the next few years to make this lawn something to be proud of.  But then, I don’ t think we’ll have much lawn in the upper garden, anyway.  I want a number of flower beds.  I want a profusion of colour and textures to liven things up and make this property a home.  Come to think of it, this house, until we bought it, was always a commercial site.  Over the years it’s been a dairy, then a lodge and a place for the fishermen to have their meals.  For the first time it’s a home.  Our home. 

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