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    I have a neighbour who lives down the road.  She power-walks several miles every day.  She’s just a little slip of a woman in her 60’s.  We always have nice chats whenever I’m outside when she goes by.

    The other day we talked and I mentioned how I hate the concrete slab walkway to my porch.  I thought it would look much nicer with something else. She agreed.  Next thing I knew, she picked up a slab and said “Where do you want it?”  I nearly fainted.  I said, “Anywhere on the driveway is fine.  Be careful.  Don’t hurt yourself.”  She put it down and proceeded to pick up the next slab, moved it and then on to the next slab. 

    Well, did she ever put me to shame.  All those years of weight training in a gym and I couldn’t lift those slabs.  I thought I’d have Charlie help me and here this little whisp of a gal just put Charlie and me to shame.

    I guess when you live in the country you get used to moving stuff around.  Jane has 6 acres and raises beef cattle.  I suppose she probably cleans out the barn and lifts feed etc.  Over time, she built strength.  Well, that’s my guess, anyway.

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