June 2023

Off Topic

Update On Window Boxes

The window boxes are constructed, lined and stained. I found out that Canadian Tire doesn’t carry lumber. I felt like an idiot asking their staff where they kept lumber. (No wonder they looked at me funny.) However, just down the road from Canadian Tire is Rona and they do sell lumber etc. They cut the boards to size, we brought them home, Charlie glued and screwed them together, I stained them and we both lined them with heavy gauge plastic to protect the wood from rotting. So now we wait for good weather so we can install them which reminds me, I still have to buy 4 legs and 6 brackets. The big window box is 7 feet long. Once the soil and plants are in, it will need more than just brackets for support. That’s why we need the legs as well. I used a stain called “Witch’s Broom”. It’s dark – charcoal. I gave them 4 coats. I use the same stain for the porches. I like almost black. It makes everything pop.

Today our contractor “Big Dog” delivered the shingles. He’s called by his Mohawk name. Great guy. Does excellent work. Later, they’ll bring the scaffolding to re-roof the house.  It’s always something, isn’t it?

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