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Where Is The Rain?

As you know, we get our water from the well.  So far, it has worked – well – well.  But what about the trees, vegetables, shrubs and flowers, you ask?  We didn’t want to use up the water from the well for plants.  Besides, it would have to go through the softener and UV treatment.  For watering my tomatoes?  For three years I had been watering my garden with a watering can because, on top of everything else, there are no exterior taps.  I had two rain barrels to catch water from the eaves and I used that water when there was water in the barrels.  The rest of the time, I was going to the kitchen sink and filling up the watering can.

The more beds we dug, the more we planted, the bigger the job of watering.  It got so that it was starting to be a mammoth job taking me two hours or more every morning so we decided it was time to hook up the cistern in the cellar.  It’s a huge tank – at least 1000 gallons if not more.  The process involved three trades – a plumber, an electrician and a roofer to manipulate the eaves so as to feed the cistern when it rains.  It also cost a pretty penny.  So, after everybody is paid, we sit and wait for the rain that seems to ever elude us.  Environment Canada predicted “a warmer and dryer-than-usual” summer.  

Swell.  I just hope it rains enough to fill the cistern so I can keep my garden alive.

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