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  • Winter At Our Doorstep

    Funny how that happens.  Before you know it, the time for pretty blossoms is over, the air gets colder, the leaves drop faster and faster and then, one morning you look outside and the ground and car are covered in frost.  Even though the days still rise above the freezing mark, you know that won’t last.  But as a friend once told me, winter is over at the end of the year.  In the New Year, we only have to decide what seeds to order, plan our garden, winter sow.  Oh there is so much to do in readiness for planting.

    I’ve made the vegetable garden slightly larger – by one foot, to be exact.  Well, it will give me a little more room for what I need.  Naturally, I’ll be seeding lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers.  But I also want to add leeks, beets, potatoes.

    Last summer I used the tomatoes we couldn’t eat for Italian Marinara Sauce.  I’ve got about 10 liters made.  I also made another 8 liters of chili sauce and another 9 liters of dill pickles.  I’ve fallen in love with canning.  I used the vegetables out of my garden to make this stuff.  Maybe I’m a born pioneer but born too late.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  I made about six jars of Pesto Sauce with the Basil from the garden and four jars of Pimiento with the peppers I grew.  Those I had to freeze.

    Next summer, I hope to can lots of pickled beets.  I’ll make leek and potato soup and can those too. 

    Reality check.  We’re heading into winter and here is proof.

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