June 2011

Off Topic

The Garden Changes Daily

It’s amazing – every morning I take my mug of coffee and walk around the garden. The following morning, it looks different. Blooms have opened that weren’t open yesterday and blossoms have dropped that were perfect just yesterday. I take my time and dead-head whatever needs it. It’s a happy time for me. It’s very […]

Finally, Some Flowers

Well, after all that work, we’re starting to see the results. Remember, this is just a new garden and will take years to mature but you have to start somewhere. Last year was my first year of gardening. Imagine I had to get this old first. Oh well. Better late than never.

They're […]

Charlie and his Tilley

People let me tell you about Charlie and his Tilley (what’s left of it). I don’t know how familiar you are with the brand but here in Canada, it is well known and loved. The company promises that it is so tough that nothing can harm it. (A little overstated, I’d say). However, if the […]

A Promise of Things to Come

Like I said, it’s early yet and the daisies are not yet in bloom, the roses are still in bud and the anuals are still setting root. Given time and water and sun, they will make it all shine.