June 2023

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Back to Normal – sort of

The rains came and went and now we assess the damage.  The “snake” does not have enough good soil.  That hinders growth, I’m aware of that.  We need at least a truckload of earth to add to various beds.  Maybe even more.  

Along the property line, separating us from the others, a swath of three feet wide and 100 feet long has to be dug up, the gravel replaced with good, rich soil then planted out.  I don’t mind doing that myself.  It is, after all, my project.  I want a very dense hedge planted out with a variety of trees, grasses, and perennials both short and tall.  The more dense, the better.  It deadens  sounds and filters smells.  With the thoughtless neighbours and their dumpster, I have to do what I can without launching a war.  What I want to do is to report them to the township.  My husband won’t go for it.  He doesn’t want any trouble.  I don’t give a shit.  I just want clean smelling air.

I took some pictures so here they are.

Pinky Winky Hydrangea


Phantom Hydrangea

Incrediball Hydrangea

Annabella Hydrangea

Gloriosa Daisy

Purple Cosmo

Giant White Fleece Flower

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