June 2023

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Another Gardening Season is Over

It’s kind of sad and yet kind of fun. Well, that’s the way it is with us gardeners. We have to be the most optimistic people in the world. Even if this year was a disappointment what with too little or too much rain, insects, critters etc. making our lives miserable, we plan and dream […]

Last Visit to the Lower Garden

Since virtually nobody ever reads my blog, I am posting these pictures I took only yesterday. We felt it would probably be the last time this season we’ll be able to go down the hill before the snow and ice take over. It is my all-time favourite place. I feel so peaceful when I’m down […]

Thanksgiving is Almost Here

This is always the most beautiful time of year. Summers here are usually way too hot, especially this last summer. I hate being sweaty and uncomfortable. Working in the garden can only be done for a short time since the heat just drains you.

Ah, but autumn is here. I look forward to this time […]

You Can't Trust Garden Sites

Occasionally, I forget that everybody has something to sell. Garden magazines, while pretty to look at, tend to exaggerate. They stick in potted plants to fill out an empty spot before the picture is taken. What you see is a photo enhanced version.

Same with the individual plant write-ups. For example, so much lauding […]

November – End or New Beginning?

Today had to be the saddest day of the season. I watered thoroughly all the trees and shrubs. I mulched, especially the Japanese Maple that I hope will survive the winter. Then, after everything was done, we shut off the outside taps, drained the pipes, emptied a good amount out of the cistern, washed, sharpened […]

What Happened to my Garden?

Last weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada and my brother-in-law was getting remarried in Ottawa. We drove Friday and returned Sunday. When we returned, it looked like there had been a major frost because suddenly, the marigolds looked as though they were dying. How sad.

The wedding was first class all the way. The […]

More Autumn Pictures

I will order them again. Endless, vibrant colour

Clearing the lower garden is back-breaking work

The bench and a backdrop of maples

Double Mr. Majestic hybrids grow into sizeable bushes given the room.

Maple forest in autumn

The colours of autumn

Labour of Love

I have never worked so hard, physically, as I have been since moving here. Those years of pumping iron were child’s play. A lot of the ground is rocky. Very rocky. So, you put the shovel in the ground and hit rock. We already broke one shovel trying to use it as a […]

The Autumn Returns

As I look out at the changing leaves, I’m reminded that it was only yesterday that I tore out all the tomato plants. What a harvest it has been. I made 12 litres of marinaro sauce, 12 litres of chili sauce, 10 pints of garlic dill pickles and 3 litres of stewed tomatoes, 8 small […]